Saturday, October 31, 2015

Owl Be Seeing You!

An 18" x 24" mixed media painting on mixed media paper, inspired by Tracy Verdugo and Flora Bowley, with some Connie Hozvicka Solaris fearlessness thrown in.

First layers in first session...

A few of the many layers the painting went through above and below. Shapes are beginning to emerge...

The final version! Sorry about the photography. It does look better in person. There's more I could do to it, but I decided to stop, at least for the time being. Click on the picture to see more symbols and layers! I didn't do the best job in the world, but I had fun doing it and playing with different media, textures, and techniques, and I really enjoyed approaching it without fear. I like it!

I thought it was the final version! The butterfly kept bothering me, and I changed its color about 3x and decided it was the size and position of where it is, so I took some of the paint off in the area and stenciled some white dots over the area. It still didn't look right!

I used some small stencils to add the bird and other patterns over the owl's head and around. Not the best photo, but I like the painting much better and can leave it alone...unless I decide to cut it up for other projects...

Now you know what the inside of my mind looks like! :D

Now working on another 18"x24" painting inspired by the same teachers on mixed media paper on which a bunny has made itself known. Don't claim to be a pro, but this style of painting is so much fun, and I just signed up for another mini course with Tracy on Color, Pattern, and Texture, which starts Dec. 15 (go to sidebar and click on the Animalitos Mini Mojo course to check it out). It's an early Christmas present to myself! :D

Small Dress Painting

My mom still had my prom dress from 1966 when I was a junior in high school. I'm planning to cut it up to make a fabric journal, but I decided to paint it first. I didn't have it in front of me, so I painted it from memory in mixed media on a  5"x 7" piece of hot press watercolor paper.

Acrylics, gesso, soft pastels, stabilo pencil, gelly roll pen, gelatos, brush, water

I decided it needed a bit more color, but I'm debating on leaving it this way. I also got the dress a little shorter than it should have been, since it was a long dress, but it was fun to paint in my regular style for a change, as much as I enjoy mixed media pulled out and intuitive painting.

By the way, hubby took me to my Jr banquet/prom, so this dress is a precious memory. We have been married 45 1/2 years now. Not always easy, but always worth it! :D

Happy Painting!

MIA Lately!

Hello out there! I'm still here! grin emoticon Just having health problems and haven't finished anything in a few days, plus I've been sitting up way late watching TV with the hubby and sleeping in, in the mornings, which doesn't leave me much time or energy, despite how much I enjoy it. I'm going to have to reverse that trend quick! I need ME creative time! Will try to have something to share shortly! Thank you all for your support of my shared attempts!