Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Class 7 PYH&S 2018-Journey into Graphite

Graphite self portrait inspired by Natalie Mecham's class in Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018 (see link on sidebar). I used an 8" x10" photo printed off with graphite rubbed on the back to transfer to mixed media paper in my journal. Natalee used hot press watercolor paper, which would work much better. I will use that next time! The graphite pencils, tortillions, and erasers would work better on smooth hot press paper, easier to work with and smoother portrait.

I have never really enjoyed pencil drawing, but I have to say I did enjoy this lesson and practice, even if I couldn't find my tiny eraser pen to do the fine highlights! Who knew that I would actually look forward to doing more drawings!

Quirky Sketch and Painting-Calla Lily Pink

This quirky doodle sketch was fun to paint! It started out as a bunch of Lyra water-soluble crayon marks randomly made on mixed media paper in my journal. I used a water brush pen, which I love, on the lines to pull the calla lily and background flowers out.

Just to experiment I applied pink pan pastel to the calla lily with my finger, but it's too bright for my liking...

I applied several layers of acrylic paint in different shapes in the background, some colored pencils, black and white stablio marks all pencils, glazes, and some other things I'm sure I forgot about, until it got to this point, at which point I thought I better stop. I had no references, so it is all from memory and imagination, or intuitive, as they call it these days.  Anyway, it is what it is, and I like it! 😊

Quirky Doodle Sketch-Girl with Muff

Water-soluble Lyra graphite crayon on mixed media paper quirky doodle sketch in journal...

My Desk Right Now

I literally have no room to paint! Both sides and behind me are piled up the same way. I barely have room for a chair. There are numerous paintings started in the journal, which is hanging halfway off the desk, plus other works in progress and materials stacked all around me. Also, I can not find anything anymore! Even Mr. Moose has no room to sit down. 😲

Looks like I'm going to be forced to clean out and do some organizing to have room to paint anything, no matter how small the painting is!

Quirky Sketches- Dog in Flowers & Crow in Tree

Water-soluble Lyra graphite crayon on mixed media paper and a water brush pen.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Class 6 PYH&S 2018-Mixed Media-Look In The Paint

This is class 6 of Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018 (link on sidebar), intuitive painting, and was inspired by Mystele Kirkeeng, but not like hers. In fact, I forgot one of the beginning layers. But that's okay, I learned a lot from Mystele and will do some more using her techniques!

First layer...

Second layer...

After adding more layers of texture and paint, this lady's image invited me to set her free. This is the first time I've ever tried to paint a lady of color.

I took some of the hair off the top so it didn't look as square, added some texture, brought out the texture and her dress, and added more layers to her skin and eyes.

I toned down the background and kept adding more layers and textures over all.

I added more lights and worked on her eyes some more and called her done. I kept on until I got her skin too light and covered up most of the collage and textures underneath, but she was a good experience and taught me a lot. The word, help, is showing through on her left chest, but not too good in this photo. She has a story, and I'm happy she told it to me. I did way better than I thought I would, and I love her! LOVE intuitive drawing and painting!

Moving on to class 7, which is a graphite portrait! Not a fan of graphite drawing, but we'll see how it turns out!

A Couple of Quirky Doodle Girls

Lyra water-soluble crayon on mixed media paper in my journal...

I used the water-soluble crayon on this doodle, but I liked as is, so didn't use any water on her.

I first saw a kneeling child among the random marks, but it morphed into a pregnant woman somehow, and I added water to this one. She was a surprise, but I like her!