Monday, December 21, 2015

Lucious Lace and Such!

I found these lace items at the Goodwill store the other day to use in mixed-media fabric projects. After I washed them and saw that they had no stains or tears in them, I was hesitant about cutting them up, but I am going to...I think.

They are all shades of white, and off whites, full of lace, fringe, patterns, textures, etc. The largest is a king sized dust ruffle with very wide cotton lace. The body is also a heavy cotton, so I also got lots of fabric to use for the body of projects. There are also three curtain panels, a valance, a table runner/scarf, and a table cloth.

Close up of the dust ruffles lace. It's about 5" wide, and I love it!

I'm going back after Christmas and check out the bridal/prom gowns and the velvet for a lot of bling to use too. I don't know if it's more fun to use the stuff or gather it up!

Happy Crafting!

Handmade Fabric Flowers

I'm learning to make fabric flowers for my first fabric journal! One of the ones above is made out of tulle, and I got my mom to crochet the two tiny doilies to use as flower centers. They will have button/bead centers!

The larger one is loose woven cotton, the smaller one is muslim/lace, and the smallest one is cotton with a newsprint pattern on it...

Another tulle and two different muslim flowers! Thank goodness for youtube videos. These are so fun to make! Thank you to those who freely share your knowledge with the rest of us! :D

Merry Christmas!!!