Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mini Mojo/ Mark Making

I'm still here and I finally got in some painting practice! These two pieces were inspired by the first video on mark making from Tracy Verdugo's Mini Mojo: Textures, Patterns, and Colors (see sidebar for link).

The top one is the first one I did, then I didn't particularly like it, so I just added more marks on top with acrylic inks, and found or unusual tools, until I was content with it (second version). It's on 140 lb watercolor paper, a half sheet, so it's pretty large.

The bottom one is the same, except it's on brown kraft paper. I think these will be used as collage fodder in another lesson. They were fun to do!

I had to order some cold wax to use in an up coming lesson, which I'm looking forward to. Of course, I couldn't just order the wax. I also ordered some mixed media scissors, one pack of the mini gelli plates (rectangle, oval, hexagon), a large canvas, and three more bottles of ink.

I also worked some more on a journal spread using my new Posca markers, which I really like. Not ready to share it though! I'm letting it sit for a while...

Spending a quiet day at home alone, which is a rarity anymore, with my paint, my music, and my blog! Definitely food for my soul!  :D

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hello! Still Here!

I just wanted to say hello! I'm still out here, but, for some reason, I've been totally blocked creatively since before Christmas and have done nothing. No painting, no writing, no fabric journaling...Nada! I'm beginning to have withdrawals in every fiber of my body! Even though I'm enrolled in a new class and a couple of new art groups, and I've been looking at lots of wonderful and inspiring creative work and videos, I have yet to unlock my muse. I go through this about once a year, but I don't think it's been this long before. I want to create and share, but something within is stopping me, for now.

I'm filling up my creative well from looking at and reading creative things while I'm "resting", so maybe when I do start back I'll have something worth sharing to post.

The above piece is from a class with Jeanne Oliver (see sidebar), using her patterns, and it looks much better in person. Sorry about the photo quality!

Thank you for your support! Back soon!