Monday, October 31, 2016

Paint Your Town: Town palette, value studies, and a couple of journal pages

Colors in my home town of Clifton: watercolors and watercolor pencils with home town names...

Value studies in pencils and watercolors

Collage, using an old Horseshoe Riverbend Festival flyer with a picture of Clifton over the bridge overlooking the river, a city map, and a list of places of interest, and a leaf painted copper and added to a watery background for fall on the river and the fall festival. Inside cover and first page.

This one is kind of an abstraction in faith on brown craft paper. People in my town are full of faith and love and always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.

Loving this class! More pages in progress!

Keep on creating! :D

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Paint Your Town Photo Transfers

Learning to print and transfer photos in the Paint Your Town class (see sidebar for link) in my journal! I love using photos and sketches from my home town and surrounding area in my art and for my journal. I don't have the technique down just right yet, but I can live with these

This page is one of my rust transfer fabrics, which I transferred a vintage photo of the old Riverside Theatre in town when I was growing up. The photo was in color, but I copied it in B/W, and even though I knew the ink wasn't dark enough I went ahead and transferred it. Since it was torn down years ago, I kind of like the ghostly images it projects. There happened to be a Christmas parade going on the day this photo was taken in 1969. I may do a little touching up on it, and I have some theatre tickets that I'm going to age and add to it, as well as some other stuff, which will hopefully make it pop.

I made this photo a couple of Sundays ago on a field trip, which we were supposed to do for the class. It's on a copy of music paper, and it's at Glenkirk Landing, a very short walk from my house. The angle is toward the bluff caves and the Beachview community. I wish I'd paid more attention and made the music bars horizontal with the picture, but it's ok. I'll add more stuff to the page as I go along, maybe even some of my own artwork!

I have so many ideas that it's going to be hard to choose which ones to put in this book! And I haven't even watched all the videos yet, or done some of the projects from the videos I have watched!

It's beautiful fall weather here in Rabbit Hop, and I long to be out roaming around with my camera, but at the same time I want to be in my little rabbit nest playing in my journal and with other half done projects, while my conscious is making me feel guilty about what I "should" be doing. It's a never ending tug of war! :)

Happy Creating!

Paint your Town Journal

The beginning of the 4"x 6" handmade journal for the Paint Your Town: Mixed-Media Urban Landscape class with Jeanne Oliver (see sidebar). I'm using watercolor board (I think) for the covers and a piece of canvas for the spine. I'm also using various papers and some cloth for the pages.

My journal after the pages are glued in and dry...

Journal open with pages ready to work on!

My journal after I used gel medium to attach a print of a vintage photo of The old Russ Hotel that used to grace the end of Main Street overlooking the TN River when I was growing up. I added a strip of my rust transferred fabric to the spine for a little color and to hold the leather lace in place. I'm not sure whether to leave it as it is or do a little touching up on it. The back is still blank for now. But it is ready to work in now! Can't wait!

Next project is waiting! :D

Rust Fabric Transfers

I'm learning to do rust transfers (rusty objects on to fabric), in this case on flour sack drying cloths I got at Walmart. I'm learning this in a class from in a class called "Paint Your Town: Mixed-Media Urban Landscapes". I should have made a picture of the rusty objects, but I didn't. Anyway, above are my first attempts drying. Once dry, the fabric can be used for different projects. Some of this is to be used in my journal for this class!

These are the transfers on to my fabric after drying. I think I wet them too much or something. Some of them didn't come out like I wanted, like the one above, where I used a large rusty hook.

I like parts of this one...

Love this one!

My second attempt at using the rusty hook and less wetness. This is half the design. I folded the cloth in half up over the hook.

The whole design, and I love it, although, I love it too much! Now I don't want to cut it up or use it for anything else. I learned a lot about what NOT to do on this project!  :)

This is my first project in this class, and I haven't watched all the videos yet. I've been working on the small handmade journal project to keep the mixed-media projects, sketches, etc. of my home town in too. This is a fun class!

See ya on the next project! Keep creating! It's good for your soul!