Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Christmas/Memory Tree

I meant to post pictures of my tree BEFORE Christmas, but didn't get it done, so I'm sharing it now, even if it is mid-January! It's also a memory tree, is still up, and I love it! In fact, I'm considering leaving it up and adding to it!

I've used the pink tree for the last 3-4 years now, and I still love it. It's pre-lit, but I didn't want to dig my decorations out, so I went around the house and gathered up small items that meant something to me, things that were handmade, had been given to me, or reminded me of something special. I added strings of faux pearls and beads. A triple strand of faux pearls belonged to my paternal grandmother, who I loved and miss very much.

On this side, my dad made the big wooden horse and the table the tree is sitting on, my mom made the crocheted piece under the tree, there is one of my first little woven wall hangings, the little stuffed rabbit belonged to my beloved little Pekingese, Kibbles (one of her favorite toys, but she never got to play with this one), the little basket was hand woven by a dear friend of my mom's and given to me, the bisque rabbits represent my love of the place where I've lived my whole life, Rabbit Hop, the little squirrel hidden in the branches is a pot hanger, the silver bell was on a gift from our nephew's family one year, and since the picture, I've added a pair of pink booties that someone made me when I was a baby, that mama brought to me, and a hand made ornament that my aunt gave me this year.

I painted the door behind the tree, which you can partially see, and the paintings on the wall!

On the front there's a pair of Snowbaby ornaments given to me by one of my best friends several years ago, a rose made from a coffee filter by our niece, an angel pendent given to me by my mom, a tiny picture of my best friend and me, a hand woven doll hat from my mom's friend, an angel ornament that I bought a few years ago,  a bird's nest with bird and eggs that came off one of my dad's funeral wreaths eleven years ago, a copper wire heart on yarn that I made, and a rose ribbon from days in a factory.

On this side is a tiny perfume bottle on a ribbon that was my mom's, another one of my first small woven pieces, a birdcage ornament that I received in a swap during a wonderful Christmas at my Aunt Lela's with her family last year, a prayer flag that I made for daddy a few years ago, a string of tiny brass bells that I've had forever, an ornament made from my uncle's bandana handkerchief by my aunt after he passed away, a silver angel ornament that mama gave me last year, a tiny bear that I've had for years, and a heart made from toilet paper and gel medium by me during a learning session.
There's also a couple of old necklace/belt chains  and on gold and red strand of beads on it.

Under the tree is a box of handkerchiefs that someone gave mama when she was a little girl in the thirties and Christmas cards and pictures we received this year. Oh, and a green glass "sleeping kitty" candle holder!

A close-up of my best friend since we were about eight. We were in Jr. High here, and I used a razor blade cartridge for a frame. I found it in a drawer and attached it to a rose ribbon. By the way, she's still one of my best two friends! Thankful for them both! Can't imagine life without them, even though we're not together that much!

The booties that someone crocheted for me when I was a baby! I put them on a ribbon and hung them on the tree!

The ornament my aunt made me this year from scraps left over from her granddaughter's wedding, which we attended in August. Also added to my tree!

Close-up of the tree topper I made this year, so far. I didn't quite get it finished. It's a thread cone which I, for some reason, painted turquoise, then hot glued buttons, beads, bows, paper clips, etc on it. I spelled out some words with beads around and added a rose ribbon to the top, for now!

The rabbit bracelet? (I'm not really sure what it is, but I love it) was included in an art supply swat I did a few years ago. Hopefully, it'll be completely covered by next year, but we enjoyed it as is this  year!

I love my "Memory" tree and have thought of several more things, besides bought decorations, that I can add to it for next year, or maybe to enjoy now. Who knows if I'll still be around by next Christmas?

I may have to get a bigger tree!!!!!

I hope the new year is going well for you all, and that God watches over, meets your needs, whatever they are, and keeps your family safe in the coming year!

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy the creativity in your life!

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year 2016

Wishing each of you a prosperous and happy New Year, in which all of your needs are met!