Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Puddy Cat Inky Animal

An inky animal, inspired by Tracy Verdugo's Animalitos mini-course (see sidebar for link) on a blank page in my mixed papers journal. The cat also has other media besides ink on it, and I did it several weeks ago...

This week I've been working on the background. I know it's easier to do the background first, but sometimes I work backwards. That's just me! :) I used found and bought stamps, text, acrylic open media paints, Pitt brush pens, and metallic pens on gessoed paper for a double spread.

The text in the lower right corner says, "She loved this time of day, loved feeling melancholy and loved sitting under the elm, looking up into dark against sky." I borrowed it from a book I'm dismantling. 

The story may, or may not, be finished, but I've had fun doing the pages. Very meditative and calming for me!