Monday, May 19, 2014

On My Work Table Right Now...

It's been a few days since I've posted anything, because I've been sick and I've also been really busy with life. However, I'm still working on creative things and taking classes when I can. Here are a few things I have in progress on my work table right now. Some of them you may have seen before, however, I'm still working on them. :)

The corner of the canvas at the left edge is another memory portrait I started after taking Heather Murray's class over on the Trodden Path website. It's the 3rd canvas I've done that was inspired by her class, using black and white photos. I didn't show the whole thing, because it's a surprise. :)

The dress canvas is the third canvas inspired by an online class I took from Sue Pelletier on painting loose and raw. It's pretty much done, except for the decision on what word to put in the blocks.

The middle two, the girl and dog (Francoise de Felice) and the portrait (Henry Clive), are inspired by the Studying With The Masters Classes over on Jeanne Oliver's website. There is actually another one in the sketchbook in progress that was inspired by Botticelli, which is not showing. When I finish these three paintings I will have done at least one painting study from each of the nine masters and teachers, more than one on some, which I have shared in previous posts.

The rabbit is one of my quirky doodle drawings, which I often use to wake up my muse. He is on mixed media paper, and I have a post started on him when he's finished.

The book is one of my moleskine journals, which I've been gluing odd papers from my workspace  and doing ink blots in at odd times.

The piece of canvas in front of the rabbit is where I'm using up leftover paint off my brushes. It's getting quite messy. I love it! It will probably become a journal cover at some point!

The small butterfly canvas at the top is where I made a background with leftover paint, then stamped into it, picking up the paint off the canvas. It's waiting on some words, or maybe a memory portrait, when the time is right. There are also several small canvases in progress in a basket behind the dress canvas waiting for final touches.

A basket full of journals and sketchbooks sits at the top, some full, some not. I was in the process of organizing my tiny workspace last summer, or maybe it was summer before last, when life interrupted and I haven't gotten back around to it. Soon though, I hope!

In addition to what's in the picture, The large painting of the angel (inspired from classes in Connie Hozvicka's 21 Secrets) still lacks a few touch ups, a large doll is waiting to have her limbs sewn on and her face painted (inspired by a class from Gritty Jane over at the Trodden path), and both my large looms currently have rug and loom projects on them.

Jeanne Oliver just had a half price sale on classes on her site for Mother's Day, and I registered for three of those.

I just finished the class on making Vintage Trinket Jewelry with Andrea Singerella yesterday, and it's a really good class. Now I'm on fire to make some jewelry! There are at least six videos in which she takes the time to show the techniques and process really well. She demonstrates how to make necklaces, bracelets, bookmark jewelry, earrings from old/new jewelry, as well as, your own charms and other components. I learned so much from her. Well worth the ten dollars (I paid five) it costs if you're interested in learning the basics. Just go to and register for free, and click on Vintage Trinket Jewelry to see what I'm talking about, plus there are free videos and other classes to check out.

I'm also registered for two classes from Jeanne Oliver, The Journey of Letting Go and Creatively Made, which I haven't started yet, but they look amazing!

And, yip-pers, I still have a ways to go in the Studying with the Masters Class, and there will be a new set of classes up in the Fall!

Currently reading "Haunted on Bourbon Street" by Deanna Chase.

I'm going to have to get busy and finish some of these projects! I have a tendency to work on one until I learn the process, then move on to something else. Not a good habit to have, but, at least, I never get bored! :)

This didn't start out to be this long a post, but I got a little carried away, I guess! There are links on my sidebar to these sites if you want to check them out.

Well, I'll stop with this post now. Mama just came in, and my bestie is on her way to visit too! I'll try to get something finished to share a little sooner next time!

Hope you enjoyed your visit, and come back soon! :)