Monday, August 19, 2013

Saddlebag Blues (weaving) and Mixed Media

I've been experimenting and learning to weave a lot of different things. This is one of the pieces that I've actually made into something so far. I saw a pattern in a book, but since I don't fully understand how to read drafts yet, I sort of made up my own by weaving a medium scarf, using Peaches and Creme variegated cotton yarn with purple wool stripes in the weft.

I used plain stitch, because that's all I knew how to do at the time. Here it is on the loom...

The scarf is finished and has been taken off the loom and the tassels tied off...

Fiddling around with it to see how deep to make the end pockets and if I want a pin cushion in the middle...

 End pockets sewed and it's done! Decided not to make a pin cushion in the middle...

 My loom sits on a TV tray table, and the saddlebags hang over the center brace underneath. They hold my clamps, long hooks, shuttles, scissors, etc. within handy reach, plus the middle part holds my plastic needles in place for me. It will also lay flat across the table under my loom with the pockets hanging off the sides. I love it!

This is on my work table right now. The middle stages of another memory portrait inspired by Heather Murray's Memory Project workshop at The Trodden Path. I have used old photos for all but the stuffed horse at the bottom, and it is a miniaturized version of one of my quirky doodles, and it's on a gallery wrap canvas. This is my second project from this class. (The Trodden Path button is on my sidebar and it's free to join-lots of awesome classes and teachers there!)

I've also just taken some woven samples off the loom and am about to re-warp my loom, and I'm also planning to make my own cardboard loom to weave a rag rug from old sheets. I found an awesome tutorial online! 

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I'm so thankful that I have enough interests to keep me from getting bored...ever! Even if I didn't have all these other fun things to do, I'd still be reading and writing all the time! :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Clasped Weft Weaving-Another First!

Practicing clasped weft weaving with Peaches and Creme cotton yarn! I've also learned to do hemstitching, although it's not in this picture! I'm making up the pattern as I go, and it's a sample piece.

Hand Woven Scarf-Handspun Yarn

Scarf I wove from Lions Brand hand spun variegated yarn a few weeks back. It's sooooo soft, light, and fluffy! Mama really likes it, so Santa will probably give it to her for Christmas, after I fix a couple of the tassels that came undone in the setting wash.