Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Baby Shower Notecard

For Anna's (my husband's cousin) baby, Vencion, enclosed with the requested story book and gift card, for her Storybook Shower. Just a story book instead of a card was actually requested, but I also got her a gift card and needed a little card to put it in. I had this small piece of  "experimental" art that I had made a while back, so I glued it onto a notecard small enough to fit into the small book and added two tiny strips of washi tape to the sides to cover up the edges.

Close up view-portion of a napkin collaged onto a piece of cardstock painted hot pink, then stamped on with a wooden fabric stamp, with washi tape on the sides.

I decided that the card is a little TOO pink for a boy, so I added some blue into the flowers and background with a Posca paint pen. Then I added color to the blanket and elephant with posca paint pens and gel pens, some white with fluid acrylic in a fineliner bottle, and re-outlined the stamp with a fine black marker. I wrote a note on the inside while it dried, sprayed the front with sealer, called it done, and hopefully, I'll get it in the mail tomorrow.

I'm going to enclose this card with the gift card inside the little book, wrap it in a sheet of paper with one of my gellie plate prints on it, and put it in a small bubble mailing envelope to  mail now.

Never know what you can turn an experimental scrap of art into! It's an adventure just waiting to happen!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Class 15 PYH&S 2018-Spirit Horse

I am working on four classes at the same time, so from now on they will not be posted in the consecutive order, but as I finish them. I also decided to wait about doing the encaustic class (#12), because I do not have room to set it up right now. I'm going to have to do some cleaning and organizing in my work place first.

I also skipped ahead a couple of classes to do this class, because everyone was having so much fun with it and posting such wonderful pictures. It is class 15 in the PYH&S 2018 course (link on sidebar), and this is my version of Pamela Hayward's painted horse head. I used her reference picture, even though I wanted to paint the old gray mare that I had as a child. I just didn't want to take time to track it down.

Pam's was painted on a canvas or panel, but I used mixed media paper in my journal. As with the other paintings in the classes a canvas would have worked much better, but I just don't have the room, so they're going in a journal for practice. We used only black and white acrylic paints and her technique to create this.

Again, I do not always follow the instructor's lesson. I tend to get sidetracked into adding my own twists into the pieces, or I watch the video, then do the painting from memory, which is not so reliable anymore, and I tend to leave out steps. Anyway, I learn, and it's fun, therefore it's good for me, regardless of how it turns out! :)

Sketch on black gesso and black paint background from her reference photo...

First layer, then I forgot to photograph the progress until...

it was finished. I may have gotten a bit carried away with the mane and forelock, but I like it, so it's all good! Such a fun lesson! I do plan on doing one of my old gray mare, Ole Pat, soon!

I think Pam's second lesson in the course is an owl using these techniques. That should be fun too!

Hope you enjoy my efforts! Don't give up in your creative efforts. They are worth it! <3

Monday, May 7, 2018

Weekend Q Doodle Sketches- Flapper Waves and and Sad Wings

Quirky doodle in mixed media journal, using a Lyra water-soluble crayon and a water brush pen...

Love her, even if her proportions are wonky!

This one came out of my marks the day my first cousin was buried and I couldn't go to the visitation/funeral because of a panic attack. I love his mom and dad very much and grew up with him, and I felt so bad about not being there for them on such a painful day. I don't do well in crowds of people, especially if I'm expected to talk to a lot of them. I also have to pick when I can go in Walmart or any other store that's very busy. It's a pain in the butt, but it is what it is, and I'm sorry about that.

This is also the week, a year ago, that was the beginning of the end for my mama. She had to go to the ER and hospital, got to come home on her birthday for three days, had to go back to the ER and hospital for over four weeks, and the nursing home for four days, where she was in hospice care and died. Her birthday is the 27th, this Friday. It will be her first birthday since I was born 68 years ago that we won't be together. It's a tough week emotionally. Don't know what I'd do if not for God, my hubby, and art. Seriously.

Keep making things that you love! It helps you deal with the difficult times! 💖

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Quirky Doodle Sketch Painting- Koi Bouquet or Confusion

Another quirky sketch that I did several months ago, which happened to be the facing page to the Koi painting in my last post. I was waiting for it to dry, so I started painting on this one yesterday and finished it this morning.

It started out as a little sleeping Stablio pencil sketched Koi fish with no fins or tail, which I loved, but it quickly morphed into...

This colorful little ocean bouquet of fish, shapes, and patterns in Chinese pan watercolors, acrylics, inktense pencils, black gel pen, acrylic ink, and Posca paint markers.

I tried it in a landscape format, but didn't really like it. The water patterns were in ultramarine blue crossing like this, so I took viridian watercolor and made patterns across the blue to make it look more watery and rotated it back to a vertical format to finish it. Actually, this one should be before the one above, but that's okay.

I tried making it a pastel painting in the photo editing app, and I liked it, but, in the end, returned to the brighter colors.

I like the brighter colors, but I see that the color and texture in the lower fin didn't show up enough in the photo, which just proves to you that I'm a lousy photographer. Not making excuses, but I'm also dealing with brown cataracts on my eyes, which makes me feel like I always need more light and I'm sure colors what I'm looking at. That means that the colors may actually be brighter than I'm seeing them. If that's the case, sorry! Hoping I can get them off before too long. They are bothering me a lot by making my eyes feel tired and strained. So thankful that I can still see as well as I can!

Feed your creativity! It will bless your soul, as well as others' souls that you share it with! 💖

Quirky Doodle Painting-Koi, Bird, Egg Landscape

I've been painting this quirky doodle sketch off and on for a few days. I loved the sketch that emerged out of my stablio pencil marks on the journal page, which was done several months ago. I call these journals my "coloring books" of original sketches, and when I need a break from class work or more "correct" painting where I pay attention to the rules, I turn to a page and start coloring with paint and don't even think about the rules. I just go where the materials take me! So much more fun and relaxing!

The sketch that emerged from my random marks...

First layer of Chinese pan watercolor paint, just playing...

More layers of Chinese watercolor, plus a little salt sprinkled on the eggs for texture...

I thought I would like the pencil lines showing in the background. I didn't, but couldn't erase them after I had painted over them. I tried making the two egg outlines behind the pink egg black, but didn't like that either, so I played with gold leafing and made a golden egg. I went over the pencil lines in the water with a fine line paint applicator and titanium white fluid acrylic, which I also used to touch up and add texture in other places. A little touching up with a black gel pen was also added, and I thought it was done. I wasn't!

The salt texture wasn't showing up enough on the pink egg, so I added some spattering texture to it and the sand with shimmering gold and raw umber acrylic inks. NOW I'm calling it done, and I like it!

I tend to do these quirky sketches/paintings with no references; just imagination and memory, which doesn't always equal realism, or even close to it. I did look at pictures of Koi on Pinterest for some idea of where to put the fins. If you notice in the original sketch, the Koi has no fins or tail at all. I love Koi, but had never really studied their shapes and fins. My goal is not true realism, but enjoyment of the process. However it turns out, it's been good for my soul and well being, and it evokes emotion for me. If it does for someone else, that's frosting on the cake!

Don't give up! Keep doing what you love! 💖

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Class 9 PYH&S 2018-"Joyful Journey" Mixed Media Storytelling

This class in storytelling with art was a lot of fun, and was inspired by Pia Rom's class in Paint Your Heart and Soul (link on sidebar). It is mixed media on paper in my journal (hers was on canvas or board) and involves painting, collage, and imagination, as well as other media, whatever was handy

First layer of black and white collage elements includes a few magazine images, a printed off pinterest image from another project, torn music pages from a piano book, a circle punched out, some book text, a value scale from another project, an original photo reversed and printed, and two recycled teabags that I experimented with prints and gold leaf on, basically whatever was laying around my workspace. 

I didn't necessarily follow the teacher's instructions in telling this story. I watched all the videos, then did the piece from what I could remember of her techniques, which means I might have left out some of hers and added in some of mine. 😳 Anyway, I added a layer of drawing and paint to tie the images together.

Added more drawing with a black stabilo pencil and acrylic paints, covering some images and bringing out others..

I added a wooden fabric stamp with black paint and tried to make the figures on the left look like one is pulling the other out of water, not very successfully, but I tried. I kept fiddling with the overall piece until...

it looked like this and I could live with it. There could be several stories going on here! I deliberately left the name of our town's old theatre backwards, and the seal represents the river running by our town, although we actually have no seals here in the south. It's kind of like a "fish out of water" thing, because I have always felt like a fish out of water.

When I look at this piece, it brings up all sorts of emotional stuff for me, even though the first layer of collage images were picked up and glued on randomly. It tells a story of me!

Perhaps one day I will write text to go with my art, because when I look back at older pieces, I can relate to when and what was going on with me when I created the drawings and paintings! I look forward to doing that.

Keep creating whatever you love! It's good for your soul! 💝

Quirky Doodle Sketches-Two Birds and a Goat

More quirky doodle sketching with the Lyra water-soluble crayon in my mixed media journal with a water brush pen!

Doing these is so relaxing!