Monday, March 19, 2018

PYH&S 2018-Class 5-Mixed Media "From Heart to Spirit"

Telling a story in mixed Media on MM paper in a 9" x 12" journal, acrylic/gesso background, collage, stablio pencil, acrylic paints, photo print, stencil blank, gel pens, and possibly colored pencils. Class 5 in the PYH&S 2018 (link is on sidebar) course inspired by Annie Hamman, but not like hers.

Starting collage with found papers, napkins, paper doilies, music, teabag envelope, tickets, and some painted scraps from other projects.

I used this photo from Pinterest for the pose, but changed her for my purposes.

I also used this photo from Pinterest for the idea of the horse, but didn't use it.

I did, however, use an original stencil blank, which I traced around, that I had made previously, of my first childhood horse, Old Pat. She was an old gray gentle mare, and she was awesome. I printed off the clown photo, used graphite to coat the back, and used an old pen to transfer the outline of her, which didn't come through very well, so I still had to basically draw her, much of it with paint. I pretty much covered up my collage, which I didn't mean to do. I did leave a phrase showing through, and there are other elements showing through that are not showing up in the photo.

I found the owl and the hat in a magazine, cut them out, and collaged them on and added the ticket stub.

Worked more on everything in paint, collaged another napkin town over the first on, because I had pretty much obliterated the first one, added a printed off photo of the little dog who owned us for almost sixteen years, Kibbles, and painted her a little drum to sit on, then added some details. The phrase just in front of the town is torn from a piece of sheet music and says, "I'll be waiting."

Still adding more layers of paint, plus more napkin pieces with French writing and flowers collaged on, and I gave Old Pat butterfly wings.

Still playing and trying different things, including a little clown suit on Kibbles!

"I'll Be Waiting"

The version I stopped on, after some more adjusting and details. It could have some more work done, but I like it here, for now, so I'm moving on to the next class. Wish I'd painted it on a wooden panel instead of paper in my journal! Oh, well! This piece taught me a lot, so I'm happy! Plus, I loved the process, and learning to tell a story, even if I didn't follow Annie explicitly! 😊

Memory Plank for My Father-in-Law

We said goodbye to my husband's dad in February, eight months after we said goodbye to my mama. He would have been 94 years old this month. His grandson and his wife surprised us a couple of weeks ago with this memory plank in honor of their papaw and my husband's dad. Such an awesome and thoughtful gift, and we had a wonderful visit with them, as well.

This is the best photo I could get, because it's at least six feet long, and we had to decide where to hang it, so, for now, it's sitting on the recliner in the living room. Then we decided on a place to hang it, and hubby got sick, so it's still resting in the chair, but we're enjoying it anyway!

Our nephew's wife used a plank off dad's old shed behind his house, prepped it, then attached five small pictures of hubby and his dad on some of their fishing adventures, because fishing was dad's life, a larger one of dad with the fisherman's prayer, the last fishing pole that hubby bought his dad, some of his floats and sinkers, and one of his favorite fishing shirts and caps.

The Fisherman's Prayer with a smiling dad, and we sincerely hope is sitting by that big fishing hole in the sky doing what he loved best. We all love and miss him so much! Life is not the same without him!

Quirky Doodle Ptg-Winter In Summer

Mixed Media on paper in my journal using black stabilo pencil, collage, and acrylic paints.

The character that emerged from my random marks...

I collaged a torn napkin onto the paper, but forgot to make a picture of that step. The napkin was thin enough for the drawing to show through, so I added a layer of acrylic paint. It then occurred to me that I had a summer background, and she was wearing a fur cape. I'm thinking, as she is an older lady, that she is in the winter of her life, but still enjoying life's little treasures.

I tore and collaged a paper heart onto her cape, and added more layers of paint.

I kept adding layers to her face and cape until I could live with her, then added a couple of details and high lights, called her done, and left her to reflect on her life thus far. I love her!

Quirky Doodle Ptg-Mr. Orange Cat and Ms Mouse

Mixed-media quirky doodle painting using inktense pencils, gel pen, acrylic paints, stencils, colored pencils, and a stablio black marks all pencil. I have already saved the sketch to a back up drive, so didn't have it handy to add, but you can see the sketch that emerged from my marks pretty clearly in the first layer of color.

First layer of color with inktense color blocks; Mr. Orange was in the midst of washing his left hind leg when something caught his attention, thus he's still sitting on his right hip.

I added some dots with a bought stencil and some lace using a paper lace doily. Wait! What has his attention? Something moved in his peripheral vision!

I added a few layers of black stabilo pencil and acrylic paints, and I got the idea to add the mouse and hole in the wall with paynes gray acrylic.

I added whiskers on both, a tail on Ms Mouse, some glazing on Mr. Orange, circles around the dots, more of a shadow under them, and a couple of high lights and called it down, for now!

Ms Mouse is wondering what Mr. Orange is watching for!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Quirky Doodle-Super Bear!

Look who popped out of my random marks to say hello! Lyra water-soluble crayon on rag paper, also in my journal.

I love her! 😊

One day I'm going to write my interpretation of these sketches and what was going on with my life at the time, or maybe fictional short stories to go with them?

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Quirky Hearts and Bird Sketches

It's been a busy week, and my eyes are giving me some trouble, because of slow growing brown cataracts, plus, I've had the toothache, but I managed to get in a couple of quirky doodle sketches Monday and Tuesday. Water-soluble Lyra crayon on 100% rag paper with a water brush in my sketchbook.

This little bird emerged sleeping on a flower. At first, I thought he was dead, but now I think he's just sleeping. Love him! He reminds me of myself. When I get depressed, overwhelmed, fatigued, or life just gets to be a bit much for, I tend to take a nap! :)

These hearts emerged after a trip to the Dr. for a checkup and bloodwork, which didn't divulge good news for me. But I love the hearts and teardrops! Perhaps, because my heart is currently trying to mend from losing my mom and my father-in-law so close together in the last few months.

Wednesday was a trip to the dentist, where I had xrays and an exam to see what needed to be done, since I had some broken teeth. I have a couple that hurt off and on. After the exam, I had the toothache until Thursday night, then not at all Friday.

Thursday and, this morning, I worked on a class assignment in acrylic painting/collage that I started before my father-in-law got sick and passed at the beginning of February. It's for the Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018 (link is on sidebar) year long course, which I have fallen way behind on, but that's okay. It's available from now on, so I can take my time, which I want to do, because I'm learning a lot from each teacher.

Hubby came down with a nasty bad cold night before last, and is feeling really bad today. I hate when he's sick. He's usually such a vibrant personality that it's really weird when he's quiet and still. Praying that he feels better soon!

Anyway, I'm really trying hard to keep up with everything, especially my art, but it's a struggle for me, as I know it is for you. Don't quit! The art thing is worth it! It's good for our soul! :D