Friday, February 13, 2015

Gelli Hearts and Stuff

I finally got to feeling up to playing with Gelli some more yesterday morning. I found some paper heart doilies at the Dollar Tree a few days ago, and I used the smaller of the two sizes on some of these prints, along with some masks that I had previously cut out and used.

The first three pictures are 8x10 prints on rice paper or card stock, using open media acrylics with a roller...

The 5x7 prints are all on rice paper, using open media acrylics with a roller or my fingers, a couple of bought stencils, and a couple of original masks...

My very favorite from this session, although I love the "white" version beside it, at the top of the page, too.

Most of these will have other layers printed over them, but a few will either stay as they are, or have minor touches added. I can already see images within some of the backgrounds!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend, thanks for visiting, and keep creating! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Birds and Ballerinas Gel Prints

These are a few prints that I got done before taking mama to the eye Dr. on Feb 9. I was still sick myself, but I was having creative withdrawals, so I cut a couple of simple stencil masks from an old piece of mylar, and put a couple or three layers on the 3" x 5" plate before we left. They are still works in progress. I haven't felt like working any more on them yet.  Open Acrylics on some rice paper that I've had a long time...

The one below is my favorite from this session!

I've had the cold/virus thingy for two weeks and hubby has had broken ribs and the cold/virus thingy for the same amount of time. Thankful we are both beginning to feel better. I just haven't felt like or had time to do any creative stuff until this morning, which I will share later.

Still loving making prints and I'm still learning and experimenting! Hope you are having fun with your creative endeavors! :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Gellis and Hearts and Stars-CED

The last creative time I had was a week ago, before hubby passed out and hurt his back and side pretty bad and I came down with a nasty cold. He has spent the week in a recliner and I have spent it pretty much on the couch, except for helping him get up and fixing something to eat. Thankfully, we're both beginning to feel better.

The theme for this month is Love on Creative Every Day, so I thought these would work.  They are 5" x 7" gelatin plate prints made with open media acrylics on Subi Printmaking paper (using up some papers that I've had for a long time). I used a large paper lace doily heart, torn, cut, and punched out shapes, a stamp, a brush handle, and a wooden domino.

 In the top group, second from the top left is my favorite from this session. I love experimenting with these!

It's been a week since I've done anything creative, and I'm beginning to have withdrawals. I'm going to have to make something soon! Thank you for visiting, and Happy Creating! :)