Saturday, April 2, 2016

Art Journal Spread "On the Edge"

A journal spread in my Moleskine, which I thought was finished, but I decided it wasn't, and worked on it some more this week. NOW it's done...I think!
I started with a collage, a piece of lace stencil, and some spray inks. The figure was cut free hand from a piece of decorative paper, and I tried my hand at lettering. I've added the buttons, the marks/patterns, more color, and the writing down the side with some medium point Posca paint pens, which I really like.
The writing down the side says, "She often felt like she was going over the edge, but then she thought of her family and turned it into a balancing act for the time being..." I went over it twice with the white paint pen, so it's a little blurred, but that's ok!
Happy Journaling! :D